Emotions affect people’s behavior and every aspect of our life. Understanding consumers’ emotional response to content such as advertisements, videos, music, static images and so on is the key to making the right decisions for the product’s success.
Every year more than 30.000 products or services are launched on the market and 80% fail due a low emotional engagement. Understanding the likelihood of a product’s success before being on the market becomes a strategic competitive advantage.
Easy data acquisition through a normal webcam.
Acquisition of emotional responses in real time and very fast report delivery.
Computer vision algorithms identify key landmarks on the face for best feature extraction.
Videos which elicit strong emotions are twice as likely to be shared
A strong and positive response is 30% more likely to encourage sharing than a strong but negative emotion, like shock or anger.
Ads that generate more smiles are the most tweeted
The most tweeted announcements, compared to those that generated the least number of tweets, showed that they had made more smile.
Ads with an high emotional impact generate a 23% lift in sales volume
Most research responses cannot definitively tell in advance exactly which aspects of marketing are going to work, and which ones aren’t. Emotions analysis can.
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Enhance your marketing with AI

Emotional Conversion Optimization

Analyze, evaluate and optimize marketing and communication content with our proprietary methodology ECO. Ads, videos, tv show and media spend can be analyzed by measuring consumer emotional responses to understand the real effectiveness. This also determines better decisions for media investments on precise targets.

How it works

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    Target your audience
    Select your audience from a representative national standard to a deep worldwide personalization.
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    Choose your stimuli
    You can analyze videos, static images, product concepts, packaging, audio files or competitors’ materials. Very usefull is to make an A/B test to reach immediately the best solution and make the right decision.
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    Data collection
    We measure the emotional responses of your audience sample during they watch the stimulus on device at home. We can integrate cognitive surveys based on questions to combine emotional and cognitive responses.
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    Psychologist evaluation
    Our psychologists perform a careful analysis of the stimuli to correlate the results of emotional responses with the causes that generated those reactions.
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    Final report
    An interactive dashboard shows second by second the result of the emotional response of the audience with the addition of our kpi. Instead, the report contains all the information needed to make concrete decisions.

Key performance indicator

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ECO Score helps to identify communication with the best impact on your target at a glance and therefore to achieve the best performance. It is used very often in comparative mode (A / B test) between two or more stimuli to immediately identify the best.

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Viral Score is able to indicate the organic sharing potential of a video even before it is published online. The exclusive value is generated by an algorithm that, through an analysis of the emotional intensity present in the first few seconds, is able to indicate whether the video will have the strength to be viral or will need a higher average investment to generate views.

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Predictive Click provides a value that determines the probability of a video being clicked to be seen and is based on the calculation of Emotional Complexity. Our research has determined that the decision-making impulse to click or not on a video or an image is generated by the mix of emotions that are generated in the first seconds of viewing.

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By analyzing emotions second by second, we can see exactly when and how the audience reacts to the content and when it loses interest.
Static Ads
Check your static campaign to understand which emotions are elicited.
Packaging test
Discover the strength of your packaging design by analyzing the emotional responses of your customers.
Product concept
It's your idea good enough? Test your concept to understand the impact and opinion of your audience.
Compare with A/B test
With our kpi ECO Score you can ranks your assets and see at a glance which perform better.
Discover your real audience
Identify which target is best suited to your stimuli to optimize media investments.
Deep evaluation
Find out if an actor's micro expressions on a TV show or in a commercial are consistent with the message or if there are cognitive dissonances.
Emotion dyads
Discover emotion dyads in our evaluation report to decode the right meaning of emotions