Enhance your marketing with Emotion AI

Every year more than 30.000 products or services are launched on the market and 80% fail due to low emotional engagement. Understanding the likelihood of a product’s success before being on the market becomes a strategic competitive advantage.
Emotions affect people’s behavior and every aspect of our life. Understanding consumers’ emotional response to content such as advertisements, videos, images and audio is the key to making the right decisions for the product’s success.
Easy data acquisition through user opted-in webcam.
Acquisition of emotional responses in real time and very fast report delivery.
Computer vision algorithms identify key landmarks on the face for best feature extraction.

How it works

Measure the effectiveness of media using artificial intelligence's speed and scalability. Through users opted-in webcams, emotional responses are analyzed in real-time.
1. Upload your files
You can analyze how many contents you want. Using the A/B test you will immediately see which media performs better than the others.
2. Fast results
Being able to access a global audience via webcams means faster decisions about the campaigns.
3. View the data
On the dashboard, you can see the aroused emotions divided by target with the performance metrics.
Image module

Look at your customer’s faces.

Instead of asking people how they feel after seeing your media content or rates relying on misleading metrics to measure content. Emotiva uses the audience's opted-in webcam to measure consumer's spontaneous reactions in real-time. The Emotion AI-powered platform tells you exactly and instantly what people feel about your media, including the parts that generated engagement and those that generated boredom.

Emotional Data Insights

The data and KPI are easy to understand to quickly discover the content's effectiveness.
Immediately understand the effectiveness generated by content.
Find out what percentage of content-conscious audiences are.
With valence, you can understand if the emotional drivers are coherent with the content.
Quickly find out where the public has a lack of interest.
Discover the organic sharing likelihood and click-through potential of your content.
Find out on which target the content resonates the most to optimize the media budget spent.
Videos that elicit strong emotions are twice as likely to be shared.
A strong and positive response is 30% more likely to encourage sharing than a strong but negative emotion, like shock or anger.
Ads that generate more smiles are the most tweeted.
The most-tweeted announcements, compared to those that generated the least number of tweets, showed that they had made more smiles.
Ads with a high emotional impact generate a 23% lift in sales volume.
Most research responses cannot definitively tell in advance exactly which aspects of marketing are going to work, and which ones aren’t. Emotions analysis can.


Video | Spot
By analyzing emotions second by second, we can recognize exactly when and how the audience reacts to the content and when it loses interest.
Images | Adv
Check your images or prints ads to understand which emotions are aroused and determine the best choice.
Analyze radios, podcasts, or music to better understand what emotions are aroused in the audience.
UX | Website
By analyzing UX for websites, you can understand what users are feeling by browsing and learn where frustration is generated to avoid the drop-off.

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